Monday, 16 May 2016

New Trainee: Khatelay Sheriff

My name is Khatelay D. Sheriff. 

I'm a Mauritanian born Liberian. I was born unto the union of Mr & Mrs Sheriff in a small village called Bolahun in Lofa County. 

I gained my high school education at the College of West Africa (CWA ). 

In 2010 the same year I enrolled at AMITY UNIVERSITY, Uttar Pradish of India studying for BSC in I.T. After a successful three years of study, I got my first major university degree (BSC) in Information Technology (I.T) in 2013.

I was assigned to do my internship with cellcom GSM Liberia but it was unfortunate that I couldn't materialise the opportunity due to some family engagement. 

I worked for Right to Play for few months & resigned as an I.T administrator to help manage a family business. 

I worked as an assistant manager for four years & resigned in 2016 to pursued my career in the I.T field. 

As a youngster, I really used to love everything about radio, from fixing & repairing FM radios to even dreaming of being a radio announcer. 

In 2009, after finishing the national examination test I needed to wait for three months for the examination results and the exam results was very important because it's based on the outcome of the results that will determine my university career. The wait was too long so I decided to take computer classes to get familiar with the basic computer knowledge and that was when I became more passionate about doing advanced courses. 

However, it all started with technology. Like many young people out there, I went through different phases in life. I love innovation & I can't do without social media in this 21 century. I love to visit I.T companies sites to get updates about new inventions. 

On April 10, 2016, I visited New Africa Technology Company (NATC) website, one of Liberia's best & leading IT service provider. 

I applied for an entry level position. 

What motivates me more is the level of the exceptional team at the company. 

I'm a detail-oriented, organised and self-sufficient person. 

I see myself as a respectful, trustworthy and hard working person. 

I believe knowledge is power and I'm ready to take instructions from my bosses & my colleagues to share and achieve New Africa Technology Company's (NATC) goals. 

I'm very pleased to work for NATC as trainee, once again thank the entire team for giving me the opportunity, I'm eager to make possible contributions for the company.

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