Friday, 11 September 2015

Second visit to the art school

I went to the Visual Arts Academy in Sinkor for a second visit to talk to artists who would be interested in the Art Contest around the theme of technology. We had a good discussion. 

It was agreed we would have an application form for interested artists, provide art materials and give 7 to 10 days for the artist to submit an original work. The piece will be 20 " by 27". 

As for the question that the artists are meant to interpret, it is "What does technology mean to you."

Earlier I had thought maybe the theme would be "technology and Liberia" but the more I think about it,  it is restricting and becomes more of a stylised competition to try to capture the challenges of accessing technology in Liberia or creating a political propaganda statement about how technology would harness Liberia's growth. I don't think it would really unleash an artist's creativity. So, I think it is more humble to just try to get an individual artist's point of view! 

Stay tuned for the contest. 

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