Saturday, 30 May 2015

An Update from Jonathan

by Jonathan Barwon 

1) How has 2015 fared for you?
                       For the first three months in 2015 it had been very busy months for me, I have been traveling around the county installing V-SAT for our clients. It had been very difficult traveling up country due to the bad road conditions in Liberia, but  work have to go on with all of these conditions. I can remember on one of my trip why traveling from Harper I had an accident with the office car, and was my first time to have accident in my life.

2) What have you been busy with?

                                    I have been very busy with V-SAT Installation and network extension for our clients in Maryland, Grand Gedeh, doing tech support some of our clients like PIH Monrovia Residence internet extension and also help fixed the problem with PIH IP hacks. 

3) What has been your personal moment of pride?
                                      My personal moment of pride is learning about new hardware (Mikrotik). This hardware had made networking extension very easy in a way that it can link two offices within 5 KM and above. I’m trying my best to still understand more about this device and other great functions it has. Secondly I will like to give credit to myself for the courage to be able to learn new things even if is my first time seem the device or hardware. 

4) What are you looking forward to in the next couple of months?
                                  In the next couple of months I will like to improve myself, learn more about different networking devices and discover more. Secondly is to make NATC have clients in all the 15 counties of Liberia and to help build a bigger team and see me traveling around the country installing V-SAT and Network for new clients.

5) Is the IT industry improving in Liberia?
                          The IT industry in Liberia is at a single point, not going forward and not going backward.  This all because of the market: the market is not growing. 

7) What more can be done? We need  more companies and investors in Liberia.  There will be demand from customers and interest in acquiring  new IT Equipment’s. 

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