Wednesday, 19 November 2014

It's that time of year again....

by Farzana Rasheed

It's that time of year again and I can't believe it's already here.....and, what a year it has been, too. 

It's the time of the year to start thinking about Season's greeting cards. It's become a tradition at NATC to put a lot of effort into celebrating the year's end and reaching out to our clients in the form of a Christmas card. 

I asked our friend Luca to design a card for us. We met Luca earlier this year after who found us through our blog. He had returned to Liberia in 2009 for a few weeks and was back this year again to try to move back. 

My main impression of Luca is of his overwhelming fondness of Liberia which he has nurtured throughout his life. I think it is very endearing and touching to know that someone who grew up here associates his happy childhood specifically with Liberia and has made such an effort to come back and even explore moving back. I wish him luck with his dream.

These are the two cards Luca designed for us. My overwhelmingly favourite one is the one that has the Fanti cloth in the background. 

Card 1
Card 2 - the winner!
The first card definitely has that Christmassy feeling. The twinkling Christmas lights, as they fade into the distance, are a perfect backdrop for a year end message. But the card could be from anywhere. So, I asked Luca to design another card that has a West African motif. 

Luca came up with the second design literally within the hour and, I can't gush enough about it. Where to start? The first background is a Fanti cloth and has some of the NATC logo colours (green and yellow) which makes it perfect. Then there is a partially translucent shape of Africa on top of the Fanti cloth background which actually looks like tracing paper. It's a beautiful card and I can't wait to share it everyone on our list.

Many many thanks to Luca!

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