Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A Typical Day at NATC

Contributed by Farzana Rasheed

The typical day at NATC is quite hectic: we are busy attending phone calls, dispatching our technicians to site, running off to meetings, following up on supply orders, reading and responding to e-mails and, drinking lots of tea! 

Yesterday, was an especially challenging day. We met with our Bank to review our account, clarify some pressing concerns as well as discuss further financing. It was a long but productive meeting. 

This was followed by some heavy-handed negotiations with our landlord at our office and, all I will say is 'you win some, you lose some!' 

The rest of the day was spent in being present at our client's site to confirm a consignment of Xerox machines and consumables was offloaded and received. This was a large supply order we recently executed successfully. The goods were sourced from Xerox, USA directly and shipped by sea. Since the client has duty-free privileges, the container-size order was shipped in their name and, the client would clear the container themselves. Although the goods arrived at the Monrovia Free Port since at least mid September, because of bureaucratic delays at the client's end, the container was only finally received by the client yesterday. This was a relief since we can finally receive payment. 

Last but not least, we have also been ensuring that our first V-SAT deal and contract gets off to a smooth start! This has us busy coordinating with the UK-based satellite provider and, ensuring our client was 'live.'

We took a few minutes to take some casual pictures of ourselves and, here they are:

The CEO and Head of Operations share a friendly moment.

The Head of Operations, Haresh, busy on the telephone as usual.

One of our new trainees, Cheayee, jotting down a few important points.

A new member of staff, Alexander, who has been hired part-time to handle all in-house and on-site diagnosis and repairs of hardware. 

The boys of NATC

Ms. Patience and the boys of NATC share a friendly moment.

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