Monday, 20 August 2012

A Fussy Customer and a Cockroach

Contributed by Guillaume Foutry

My mother has been in the service/client facing industry for at least 35 years and she has always been saying: 
Article 1: The customer is always right
Article 2: Even if the customer is wrong, Article 1 is still valid

So last week I thought of my mother when a customer walked into our office to get his printer repaired. I told him he was not a problem for us, if he could bring the power cable! And when I said that, he went crazy, ranting about NATC saying that we were not a serious IT company. I tried to explain to him that even if we had many spare power cables for printers, we could not have all the power cables in the world. Unfortunately he was not a good listener.

However the conversation took an unexpected turn when the customer opened the printer, aiming to show his superior IT skills to me, and a cockroach came out of it. I suggested to him that it might be the issue, and then he calmed down instantly. And went home to get the power cable, so we could fix the printer (which we did). I would have never thought that one day a cockroach would come to my rescue and be grateful for it ☺.

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