Wednesday, 25 April 2012

NATC 1-0 Printer from Hell

Contributed by Guillaume Foutry

There is a saying that printers come from hell as they have an unparalleled capacity to generate troubles and frustration. At NATC, we have become expert at fixing them.

However, we stumbled upon an exceptional case that required us to do the following:
  1. Perform initial troubleshooting/diagnose
  2. Order spare parts from HP Support Center
  3. Download the Firmware of the printer from HP website
  4. Reinstall or upgrade the firmware of the printer
  5. Trying to install the firmware on the printer (did not work)
  6. Come up with new solutions: Replace DC control board; Replace communication board (formatter); Load the firmware of the printer on the SanDisk (which is a memory card also functioning as a hard drive through the formatter of the printer).
  7. Order suggested parts (formatter)
  8. Replace parts (DC control board and formatter)
  9. Load the firmware of the printer on the SanDisk
  10. New issue: Toner Collection Unit needs to be installed
  11. Remove the toner collection unit of the printer (included the toner collection unit sensor and the toner collection unit gear) to reset them
  12. New issue: One of the cables of the DC control board was unplug
  13. Switch off printer, plug the cable and re-start the printer
  14. Victory: the printer now functions properly!

We made it!

As you can see fixing a printer is a proper battle that requires expertise, patience, resilience and ingenuity. Things we have plenty of at NATC. If you have issues with your printers, do not waste your time on it. Bring it to us and we will be happy to fix it for you. 

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