Monday, 20 February 2017

Computer Crashes When Installing/Scanning Anti-Virus Software 👨‍💻

A week ago, I was finally successful in downloading the Kaspersky 10 for Windows from the right link to install on the organization's (Population Services International) PSI, laptops and desktops.

An anti-virus program crashing during scan adds insult to injury: When I was already trying to do right by removing malware infections from client computer. 

There are few stand-out causes for crashing during a virus scan; while the crash may be related to a problem with the anti-virus program itself, the anti-virus program could be triggering or aggravating another existing system problem to cause crashes. However, frequent system crashes are a symptom of malware infection. Instability within the anti-virus program itself can take down the system. Malware infections can embed themselves within program code and cause programs, including anti-virus software, to malfunction. 

The anti-virus program may also be unstable because of damaged code: update errors and disk corruption can alter parts of the anti-virus program and trigger crashes. The program may also crash the system if you're running more than one anti-virus program at a time since they can attack each other, causing system stability problems and degraded protection and that was just what I experience. 

Due to the delay in getting the right link for their AV software, the users went about downloading free and fake antivirus from the internet on their machines that had me going through a lot of stress. I was able to complete the scan by removing crash-causing elements. 

Before running the scan, restart the computer and enter "Safe Mode with Networking" by holding "Shift" while selecting "Restart" from the sign-in screen power icon. Safe Mode with Networking disables any non-essential functions, which may remove the crash cause and allow the anti-virus program to complete the scan. 

You may be able to fix other crash causes by running Wise Registry Cleaner, Chkdsk or a Windows Refresh Install. With the above method used, I was able to get the machines up and running again. This is some of the everyday problems I face with customer which of course help brightens my knowledge in solving complex problems.

Thanks for reading.

Prepared by:
Daniel Collins
NATC Technician

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