Monday, 25 July 2016

Blog Post for June

Dear readers, 

In this blogpost I will be showing you how to go on resolving problems like this ’’Windows is unable to add this printer, the printer spooler has stop, restart the spooler and try again.’

I had same problem when I was sent to setup a Cisco E900 router and two HP LaserJet network printers for a client, GIZ's office at the Ministry of Public Works.

The configuration of the router was done in less than 3mins, tested and working perfect. I powered on the two printers and assigned a static IP address in each to be identified on the network via LAN cables.

The processes above went well until when I begin to install the printer driver on the client's laptop where I kept receiving the above error message. The driver of the printer was uninstalled and installed several times including restarting the spooler in Windows Registry but still the problem couldn’t resolve at the end of the day. I informed the client that the process could not be completed due to time but I would be back the next morning. 

It's hard to stop the work.

Until a solution is found, whenever I do not complete a task, it bothers my mind especially middle of the night. I kept thinking on other methods to use by downloading the printers driver from HP website. The next morning I went back to my office to download the drivers from HP website on a USB drive and took it with me. I uninstalled the previous once and installed the once that was downloaded but in the end I kept receiving the same error message. I felt very discouraged and thought what could be the problem. I have been working on many sites and had never experienced such. I thought on reinstalling the OS on his laptop but this could take a lot of time backing up data and installing other drivers.

The next day I found the last solution to apply if not I would have no option but to reinstall the (OS) Operating System of the laptop. When I got on site that afternoon the client said, ‘’you look smiling today, I guess you’ve found the solution to my problem’’ I said to him. ‘’Sure Sir, everything will be okay today." 

I powered on the laptop and typed ‘’system restore point’’ and this took up to 45mins to restore the computer to a new stage. No files were missing or effected. I installed the drivers back on the laptop and all went well. The client was well satisfied but I was more that satisfied with myself.

Thanks for reading and hope this information will help if you encounter such issue like this.

Prepared by Daniel Collins.

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