Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Maintaining NATC's Facebook page

Updating NATC's Facebook page is challenging and fun. 

I always knew I wanted NATC to have a Facebook page and, have been maintaining a page since 2010. 

What to post every day? Do we have daily news to share? Are we taking enough photographs to be able to post something new regularly? 

NATC is not a retail company so we do not have new products on our shelf to talk about. We provide services and products to offices. The nature of our work entails work on site and also trouble shooting at our lab. The photo opportunities are then on site and sometimes at our lab. For this, I often have to ask my staff to take photos on site which they remember to do most of the time. At the lab at the office, I myself try to take photos of staff in action.

We have also had several company shoots taken by a professional photographer which have been featured on our Facebook page.

Besides that, I regularly scour the Internet for news under various headings: IT, Science and Technology News, Africa, Asia, Infrastructure, Energy, etc. By doing so, I have started to stay on top of the latest news and, hopefully folks on our page also enjoy reading some interesting articles.

The Technology pages I frequently source news from are:

BBC Technology 
Guardian Technology 
Tech Crunch 
Scroll Science and Technology 
New Yorker Science and Technology 
NDTV Gadgets 360
BiztechAfrica The voice of Africa's ICT sector
Technology News The Guardian Nigeria

I try to also look for interesting images on the Internet to share on our page depending on day of the week

time of the day

share IT cartoons

share IT Memes

post Comic Strips

I even found a comic strip - "Titi Co"- on BiztechAfrica The voice of Africa's ICT sector that is funny and relevant and I often post the cartoons on our page

find amusing office humour

and even look for art and technology

I even made some Memes of our own

To date, we have almost 600 Likes on our page. If the objective of our social media is to build an online community of our clients, potential customers, folks interested in IT and Liberia and wider Africa, we need to do better.

The next challenge is to figure out how we can get existing clients to be part of our online community and to use social media to reach the market.

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