Monday, 23 December 2013

My Achievements with NATC as an IT Trainee

by Daniel Collins

  • Configuring routers and switches
  • Setting up network printers
  • Setting up scan-to-folder functions on network printers
  • Conducting LAN and WAN projects
  • Troubleshooting network connectivity
  • Troubleshooting desktops, laptops and printers
  • Software installations
  • Conducting monthly maintenance for clients

When I first joined NATC, I had almost no knowledge of computers and technology. I'm proud to say that I learned a lot by joining my senior colleagues on site and, observing them step by step as they solved problems. IT is about solving problems!

  • Amongst the first things I learned were:
  • COLOR CODING and crimping cables using Registered Jack 45 or RJ45 connectors
  • Installing OS or operating systems, anti-virus software
  • Configuring Microsoft outlook accounts

After a few months of working at NATC, I was asked to take a look at the router of our management's residence. The router of our CEO and Head of Operation'ss home was giving limited connections and they thought with few month’s experience here at NATC I could handle the job. My boss was also away and, I was rather nervous about handling this job since I was on my own. I did not refuse or say I don’t have idea on it. I disconnected it and took it to the office. Honestly, this was my very first time seeing or handling such device called Router and did not know how to even start it. I tried calling Jonathan who is the Head of IT but could not get him via mobile. I had to Google it and, figure out how to re-set it. It took me a few days and, my bosses were frustrated that I did not know it but I eventually solved the problem!

I started to devote my time and concentrate on my training and because of this my bosses selected me to assist one of our major mining clients at their Monrovia office. My responsibility was to assist end users with problem on a daily basis. This was another way I think they wanted me to improve my level of confidence and skills in handling issues. It did not only stop there. I was sent to Bomi County to setup a print server along with one of my colleagues.

A casual picture of me working on site on a server
Towards the end of 2013, I was sent to Grand Gedeh as a permanent on-site technician! This was the biggest challenge yet. It was my very first time to manage such a huge staff and for every three minutes a person would need support. I started configuring routers, backing up data on the project server, setting up scan to folder functions for individual users, setting up PABX desk phones, configuring Microsoft Outlook, and troubleshooting network connectivity. I was in my element!

But amongst all of my challenges, the backing up of data on the server, creating a mini server for print and scanning on network folder was the greatest.

I am so excited over the opportunity given me in bolstering in my IT career and highly appreciate the patience our management have borne with me and assisting me in growing up from one stage to another. With the level of trust and confidence imposed in me, I promise to devote my time and concentrate vigorously towards my training as an IT technician.

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