Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Feedback on our blog

NATC started a blog back in 2010.

The objective of the "Notes on an IT Company" blog is to be a commentary and online-diary of our company. We want to chart our progress, our successes and day-to-day challenges of an IT company in Liberia. The tone of the posts should be nerdy as possible. We want to come across as a group that is very passionate about delivering quality IT services in a challenging environment in Liberia. We are not afraid to talk about challenges and difficulties, either.

We have published 101 posts until now. 

My question to our readers is this: do you think our blog is fulfilling its objective as stated above? Do you have comments and suggestions? We would love to hear them.  


  1. I enjoy your updates. Particularly due to your honest, direct, and very human tone. And the remarkable (for a tech company) avoidance of buzz-words. I think they fit your objective in that sense and it gives a good impression what it's like to work there.

  2. Hello Farzana

    thanks for choosing to send me your blog for review - I feel flattered you trust my comments!!!

    First I did not know you had such blog... I see it is at the bottom of your signature - good ( I check some old emails of yours and that was not the case then - so I did not neglect anything earlier!)

    here are some suggestions:

    From looking at it briefly and making a little browsing of past entries - it is a mismash of various things. It is interesting - yet I feel you need to give a little more background for the non-liberian readers - who is this person? link to previous post relating to a similar issue, give a list of your staff and their function, so when their name comes in the text you can click to their name and see what they do, who they are...
    Also it would be nice to have a side box with something about your group, so you can read a quick two lines, and click on it to read more. put this before your referenced websites or other links to other blogs. and add a visual or a logo for your cie.
    And furthermore, give labels to your posts so they are categorized and people can read more about the same subject. Put a search box on the side, and add a place where people can subscribe (if you have not already)...

    About the content, link to things in the news - laws, or gov websites, UN reports, things that are a bit broader than what you write, to give some context. Build the website so you give info about your group, the way you do work, but also about IT businesses in general - who you serve, why you take certain business decisions, maybe something about business expansions, decisions you are considering... check other IT blogs, and try to see what they do, and see if it makes sense to "replicate" such ways for your group... I think the main issue is to ask yourself why you are blogging. I am sending you a blog that I find really amazingly well done. This is the blog of an architect, and he goes step by step about explaining what he does http://www.lifeofanarchitect.com/

    On this I hope this is helpful - and I am sending you lots of sun from Brazil... and hugs to you three!