Friday, 14 June 2013

New product: a VOIP Box

By Haresh Karamchandani

NATC is introducing a new product to its clients: a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) box. 

We recently entered into a contract with our ISP, Skyvision UK for VOIP Telephone systems. They sent us the VOIP boxes free of charge and we had to connect the box to our Internet LAN and connect an ordinary Panasonic Phone to the Box. The configuration was done by our technician and voila! For a flat fee per month, we can make and receive calls free. 

Now we can make and receive free calls to the USA and UK. Receiving is also free because we have a US and a UK telephone number dedicated to  the box. We can also add these numbers to our Visiting Cards! Cool!

The best thing is that we had a choice to allocate a number from any country in the world. (A few restrictions apply, as usual).

This means a serious reduction in our Lonestar telephone bill.

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