Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Nothing Beats Genuine Products

At NATC we make a point of supplying genuine products to our customers. Not only because we want them to use the best of what is on the market. It is also because it is better for them: 
  • Genuine products last longer
  • They produce better quality items: e.g. a printer using genuine ink cartridges will print better looking documents
  • Genuine products do not damage other items: At NATC our technicians have witnessed many times printers breaking down because their owners were using fake ink cartridges
  • If you use genuine products and something happens, you can always use the customer service/support system of the brand to which you purchased the item
Genuine products might be a bit more expensive at purchase, but in the long run they are a bargain. Plus they provide you with a peace of mind, knowing that you got the real deal.

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