Thursday, 24 November 2011

English Improvement Classes

Contributed by Jane Wright

Jane with James, Patience, "8's Cece", and Patrick

When Farzana asked me if I could do weekly English Improvement classes with her staff I was delighted. I am in Monrovia with my husband who is working here on an E.U. project and I was so pleased to be able to do something which will help the company and the individual staff members.

The aim of the sessions has been to help the staff improve their use of English so that they will be more confident and successful in producing the various reports and records which are required by N.A.T.C.

The weekly exercises are based on a range of stories and articles which lead to improved vocabulary and provide a stimulus for discussion.

Each week we cover a basic aspect of grammar. So far we have looked at parts of speech, punctuation and sentence structure.

Some of our work is oral and some written, with a homework assignment to complete every week.

Card activities allow for elements of competition and creativity and lead to some amusing situations!

The group are very enthusiastic and hardworking and the sessions always pass very quickly.

Over the next few weeks we will be working on the writing of personal blogs which will be posted here so look out for them!

NATC is a young and dynamic company who have a very creative approach towards the achievement of their aims, putting staff training high on the agenda and recognising that a capable and confident staff will be the basis of future success.

I wish them the best of good fortune in the years to come.


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