Monday, 15 August 2011

Free Parking on Randall Street!

Contributed by Haresh Karamchandani
Photographs by Cecelia Cooper

One of the youths hired by the MCC to collect parking fees.
Randall Street

Corner of Randall and Benson Street

Randall Street

Randall Street

Corner of Centre and Carey Streets

Center and Carey Street

Center Street

Recently some contractors were seen around the major streets of Monrovia, painting lines for parking and zebra crossings and building concrete shoulders for the intersections. I was impressed as this would make parking around town more disciplined and neat. Then they came up with parking tickets! LD50.00 for up to an hour. They would charge LD50.00 (Roughly 0.75 US Cents) even if you stop your vehicle to offload or load goods for 10 minutes.

There have been lots of protests and newspaper articles but the Government is determined to enforce the new system and is succeeding at it. We hope the revenue generated is put to good use to improve the general condition of the city of Monrovia eventually.

The good news is that we have acquired a new swanky showroom space on Randall Street, with PRIVATE PARKING! Yes, you heard it right, private parking for all our existing clients and new potential clients. They would have to drive in and park free of cost not worrying about the MCC boys harassing them for the LD50.00.

The renovation work has begun and Farzana will be posting some entries with photographs on the stage wise development as the work progresses. We expect to have the grand opening sometime mid October.

Until then we have offered to redeem all parking tickets by refunding the cash to our clients if they are visiting our office on Randall Street. 

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