Friday, 18 February 2011

We also supply GENUINE Toner Cartridges!!

Contributed by Haresh Karamchandani

We have been having several complaints from one of our IMPORTANT clients with regards to their network printer.

The client called and was blaming our technician’s incompetence and even threatened to end our contract. (Exaggeration? Not really, just adding a bit of drama to the blog entry). Therefore we decided that a senior manager of the company should attend to the call personally along with our chief IT Specialist Technician. Normally call-outs are taken care of routinely by the techies.

On arrival at the site we switched on the HP5550dn Printer and it showed a 54.18 Printer error message.

We then queried the in-house techie and tried to dig out the sequence of events that led to the Printer not working. He explained that he got a Printer Error message that the Magenta Toner HP C9733A level was zero and needed to be replaced. He said that after he replaced the Toner, the printer would not work!!!

We asked him for the original empty toner and put it back into the printer and restarted it. The printer came on well but could not print because the toner was empty.

Then we checked the replacement toner and realized that it was a fake toner. Genuine HP toners have a reflective color sticker. This one did not have one. And to add insult to injury the sticker on the cartridge was stuck UPSIDE DOWN!! (By the way, we know who is supplying these fake cartridges but for the sake of diplomacy and how small Monrovia is, we shall not dare mention their name.) 

We then asked the client if he had any other toners available so that we could try and see if they work. They had a couple more. But fake. We nevertheless opened another one and installed it. The printer still did not work. Then we opened the third one and installed it, and the printer worked for a few printouts and then again started showing the same error message.

It was confirmed that all this was being caused due to the substandard cartridge.

We advised our important client that they should not use the substandard cartridge as the ink leaks out and also may end up damaging the sensor inside the printer.

They have agreed with us and have placed an order with us to supply them Genuine Toner Cartridges!. Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy.!!! One more happy client.

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